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BR: Grubby vs Ian

BR: Grubby vs Ian

08 Jul 2013

Grubby played against Taiwanese Zerg player Ian in a $200 Bo7 Showmatch. Jay "Dialoguesc" Cruz-Tan delivers a Battle Report.


Written by: Jay "Dialoguesc" Cruz-Tan

Players: Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen and Ian (Taiwanese Zerg Player)
Event: Online Showmatch on the 8th of July 2013
Format: Best of 7
Watch VOD’s of the Bo7 here: https://www.twitch.tv/betascii/b/427501425

Game 1:
Map: Daybreak

The first game of this Best of 7 series can be summed up in one word: Zealots.
The map is Daybreak, Grubby spawns at the bottom left and Ian spawns at the top right. Ian opens up with a standard Hatchery first into quick Zergling speed build. Grubby, on the other hand, opens with a Gateway expand into fast Zealot pressure. Unaware of this, Ian thinks it's safe to take his third base, but Grubby already has 2 proxy pylons ready and waiting to unleash wave after wave of Zealots onto Ian's constructing third base. Needless to say, the third doesn't survive for very long. Zealots are now pressuring the natural base and they manage to kill all the Zerglings and a hefty handful of Drones. Ian attempts the counter attack but to no avail, too much has been lost already.


Game Duration: 14 minutes 04 seconds

Grubby 1-0 Ian

Game 2:
Map: Star Station

This game starts with Grubby spawning in the top left position and Ian spawning in the bottom right. In this game, both players open with the exact same builds that they did in Game 1 on Daybreak. Grubby attempted the same Zealot pressure at Ian's third, and it was successful to some extent. He managed to kill Ian's third base, just like in Game 1, but this time, Grubby had gotten a much earlier Stargate. With the third base dead, Grubby pulls back and starts producing Phoenixes. When Ian spots the first Phoenix, he responds with a hasty Lair tech switch into Infestors. But before there are any Infestors on the field, Grubby manages to do some decent damage with his handful of Phoenixes, sniping Overlords and Queens all over the place. Grubby proceeds to attain his own third base amongst the harassment and techs up to Colossus and High Templars/Archons. Sensing the end of the mid game, Ian also techs to the late game and moves up to Hive tech, getting the Ultralisk Cavern and Greater Spire. A large battle then breaks out in the middle of the map, however, Ian has a massive upgrade lead being at 3/3 while Grubby was only on +2 Attack. Great transfuses and Zergling flanks from Ian and it's just too much for Grubby to handle.


Game Duration: 25 minutes 22 seconds

Grubby 1-1 Ian

Game 3:
Map: Whirlwind

On Whirlwind, everyone expects a macro oriented build from both players because the map is so large. Ian, however, has different plans. He decides to open up with a 10 Spawning Pool. Grubby has spawned in the top left position while Ian spawned directly across from him at the bottom right. Grubby was attempting a Nexus first opening, luckily for him though, he managed to scout Ian's rush in time and managed to wall off his natural before the Zerglings arrived. He also managed to Pylon block Ian's natural. Ian responds like any Zerg would and proceeded to build his 2nd Hatchery at his third base. Grubby attempts to erect a third base but Ian, already on 3 bases, starts to mass up a Roach/Zergling army and moves out. Grubby misses a few key forcefields at his natural and Ian's army has free reign over everything and overwhelms Grubby.


Game Duration: 11 minutes 20 seconds

Grubby 1-2 Ian

Game 4:
Map: Bel'Shir Vestige

In this game, Grubby spawns in the top left corner and Ian spawns in the bottom right. Grubby opens up with the same build from Games 1 and 2. Ian, on the other hand, opens up with a safer, Spawning Pool before Hatchery build. Grubby attempts the same Zealot pressure, but this time, it's targeted at the natural instead of at the third. He manages to kill off a couple of Queens, a few Zerglings and a few Drones before he's forced to recall out of there. Later, Grubby attempts some Dark Templar harassment, he manages to kill some Drones and almost kills Ian's natural base but he manages to save it with just 30 HP remaining. In the end, Grubby's defense against Ian's multi-pronged attacks and his followup counter harassment with Zealots proved too much for Ian to handle.


Game Duration: 20 minutes 17 seconds

Grubby 2-2 Ian

Game 5:
Map: Derelict Watcher

In Game 5, both players open with pretty standard builds on this 2-player map. Both Grubby and Ian decide to play quite passively in the early game. Ian opened up with a Speedling expand while Grubby opened with a standard FFE. Ian took a quick third base and Grubby teched to Phoenixes and then got his Robotics Facility. Much like in Game 2, Grubby was behind in the upgrades. Both players were teching up to the same things that they did in Game 2 as well, except this time, Grubby managed to secure his 3rd base a lot sooner. He then claims his 4th base just as Ian does too. With a booming economy, Grubby manages to tech up to Colossus, High Templars/Archons and Void Rays. Ian also managed to mass up a nice Zergling, Infestor, Ultralisk, Brood Lord army. Grubby's map presence and multi-pronged harassment started to whittle Ian down. With some perfectly placed Psionic Storms, Grubby manages to trample over Ian's army in the final battle.


Game Duration: 26 minutes 57 seconds

Grubby 3-2 Ian

Game 6:
Map: Newkirk Precinct

Game 6, Grubby is one game away from winning the entire showmatch. Both players open with the safest possible builds. Grubby with an FFE and Ian with a Spawning Pool before Hatchery into 3 bases. Grubby attempts some Warp Prism harass in Ian's main base but only ends up managing to kill a few Zerglings. Ian proceeds to move out with a formidable Roach, Hydralisk and Zergling based army toward Grubby's third base. So much action unfolds, big attack at Grubby's third, Zealots harassing Ian's third and fifth bases. Grubby then decides to push toward Ian's natural base. Ian attempts the base trade, but soon realized that Grubby's army is massive and decided that it would not work. Grubby's attack left Ian on 2 bases, only one of which was mining. Ian was left with a small pack of Zerglings and a decent sized flock of Mutalisks. He had a main base and a Hatchery at his fifth base location, all Grubby did was split his army up proportionately and Ian was forced to tap out.


Game Duration: 21 minutes 35 seconds

Final Score: Grubby 4-2 Ian


Final Thoughts:

Overall, Grubby played a really solid series. Very minor mistakes here and there, but his good decision making and multitasking pulled through. His harassment was something that was key during this series. It was effective, economical and literally everywhere. Grubby is shaping up to be the Grubby we all remember from WarCraft III. Great Best of 7 series and a well deserved win. gg wp!

Watch VOD’s of the Bo7 here: https://www.twitch.tv/betascii/b/427501425

Author: Jay "Dialoguesc" Cruz-Tan

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