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ASUS ROG Sponsors Grubby

ASUS ROG Sponsors Grubby

29 Apr 2015

ASUS ROG to sponsor Grubby
We're happy to announce that ASUS ROG and Grubby will be working together in 2015 to promote the ASUS ROG product categories of Gaming LaptopGaming Desktop and Gaming Peripherals


ASUS ROG to sponsor Grubby
I'm very happy to announce that ASUS ROG and I will be working together in 2015 to promote the ASUS ROG product categories of Gaming LaptopGaming Desktop and Gaming Peripherals. As a professional gamer since 2003, I have experienced first-hand how important it is to have the right equipment. Whether you are a frequent traveler like me, or you're looking to get the most out of your home set-up, we're always on the lookout for good quality products that can help push our gaming capabilities to the limit.

Working together – how it came about
Earlier this year I've had a chance to meet up with the ASUS ROG people. I shared my quest to find a great Gaming Laptop and Peripheral sponsor, and learned that ASUS ROG believes in me and what I do. After discussing and making plans, we came to our agreement to work together in 2015 and going forward I'll be ambassador and adviser to ASUS ROG's products.

Gaming Laptops
Whether I'm competing, commentating or promoting, each time I travel I leave behind my Desktop PC. Having an ultra-portable, high-end Gaming Laptop allows me to stream, practice and just play my favorite games in high quality. This means my fans and I never have to miss a day of streaming whether I'm in a hotel room or at events and tournaments.

Gaming Desktop
Streaming has taken huge leaps and bounds in the past few years. Graphics, physics and rag doll effects in games have also increased dramatically. It's fun to be able to tune up everything to “Ultra/ Extreme” settings and still be able to stream at 1080p and 60 FPS. This is just the beginning of our partnership, but thanks to ASUS ROG I won't need to worry about down-scaling on any satisfying graphical effects. I'll be hooked up with the sickest rigs.

Gaming Peripherals
Mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, mouse pads and headsets: there's a huge variance out there in personal taste, quality and durability. As you will know if you've been watching my stream in the last half year, I've been looking out for replacements for my Keyboard and Mouse specifically. ASUS ROG commits themselves to delivering the very best, and I'll happy to select my personal favorites over the coming period of time. I'll be sure to let you know what I think works best for some of our favorite games.

Streaming while traveling
From April 10th to 27th I was part of the Commentator team that delivered the premier “Heroes of the Dorm ©” Tournament stream live on ESPN2 & ESPN3 in North America. In between the casting weekends, I was free to stream games like Heroes of the Storm. Thanks to ASUS ROG's G501 Gaming Laptop, I can stream while on-the-move.

ASUS ROG G501 Gaming Laptop
The first spotlight product of this sponsorship will be the G501. It is designed with the gaming traveler in mind with its Ultra-Thin & Light with Premium Aluminum Construction.

It also features a great cooling system, sports a 4K IPS Extremely High Resolution Display and tops it off with an NVIDIA GTX960m Graphics Card. With this laptop, you'll be able to play games with beautiful graphics on-the-go, and even stream them out on Twitch at high quality.

You can find out more information about the ASUS ROG G501 on https://gseries.asus.com and click “learn more” about G501.

Upcoming plans – Play it CooL!
As a way to celebrate our new partnership, I'll be cooperating on the ASUS ROG event “Play it CooL” where I'll play and stream 24 hours of Heroes of the Storm on 1st - 3rd of May. You can join in on the action and play Heroes with me or Kaelaris. See the intro video at: Play it CooL

Thank you
I owe all my viewers and fans the deepest gratitude for supporting me over the last 12 years of my gaming career. Thanks to you, I'm able to work together with awesome sponsors like ASUS ROG and this allows me to continue to do what I love best: gaming!

Warm regards,

About Grubby
Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen has been a professional gamer since 2004. Schenkhuizen holds over 40 tournament victories (including 6 world championships) and has done commentating, streaming, created gaming guides and hosted show matches. Watch Grubby live on Twitch playing popular Blizzard games like Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II.


For years since its establishment, ASUS aimed to put an ever-greater emphasis on PC gaming. This process resulted in the 2006 founding of the Republic of Gamers brand (ROG), formed for the sole purpose of delivering the most innovative hardcore hardware for truly dedicated gamers.

Since then, the efforts of the ROG team have led to a constant flow of PC gaming technology that has become legendary among enthusiasts for its performance. ROG is more than just hardware, though – we take an active part in the global gaming community, helping develop the industry by sponsoring events such as PAX, BlizzCon and Dreamhack. Worldwide media have recognized ROG as a leader in PC gaming and overclocking performance, with many of our products winning awards and gaining very positive feedback from hardware pros.

With this great response from gamers and the industry, ROG has all the resources it needs to keep working on enabling even better experiences – technology never sleeps, nor should the action!

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