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Advanced unusual tips: #1

Advanced unusual tips: #1

16 Nov 2015

How to keep and hold on to talent tier advantages more effectively, and take advantageous fights.


You can win a game of Heroes of the Storm by constantly doing the obvious thing. Soaking lanes, killing people, capturing merc camps, getting objectives, and eventually killing the Core. However, I see some people make the mistake of letting their autopilot do all the thinking. Autopilots are very useful to repeat effective habits, but are all our habits effective? I take a look at a common late game scenario where people are unwittingly giving opponents more comeback mechanics - something anyone who likes to win games should hope to avoid.

Clear like Morgan Jones from the Walking Dead

Clearing minion waves, and pushing the lane, gives you several advantages:

  • It gives your team XP
  • Lanes will deplete enemy fort& tower ammunition, eventually destroying them
  • You have more map vision
  • Lane minions help support your push into an enemy base

There's a twist!

However, there is also a more subtle disadvantage which isn't nearly as obvious. Keep it in mind for when the time is right!

  • Pushing a minion wave forces your minions to travel into the enemy base. It becomes easier for the enemy team to safely soak up their experience from beneath the relative safety of their base. The same goes for Mercenary camps! More safe XP for them. 

Say you're already level 20. You've got your Storm Tier talents - yes that's actually how the level 20's talents are called - and you're the upperdog. Opponent's at level 18, and is looking for a way to make a comeback. You may not be doing something ill-advised like solo laning with one of your Heroes when all enemies are missing on the map, but you may still be making a mistake unknowingly. Casually clearing all minion waves and pushing all 3 lanes to the opponent will actually bring them closer to level 20, where they have a much better shot at equalizing.

Wipe enemy team instead of passive pushes
What if you didn't? All you're getting is vision, the route to level 21, and some push power. But basically at this level, if you wipe out an enemy team you can kill a Keep and destroy their Core before they're back. No need to take such a passive approach as sending waves of brainless minions at them. What if you:

  • Capture 0 merc camps
  • Kill 0 lane minions
  • Stay as 5 and set up a trap
  • Wait for the lane minion bait to spring

Discounting the glacial pace of passive XP trickle, it will now take ages for the opponent to get to level 20. They have a few options, counterable by your team:

  • Stay at base, don't gain much XP, yield all objectives to you: you can win by objectives.
  • Clear 1 lane's minions at a time as 5, retreat quickly, then do the next: you can win by a neutral territory 5v5 20vs18. 
  • Split up and soak all lanes: you roam as 3, 4 or 5 and pick off a few Heroes at a time!

By pushing all lanes, you're actually giving them a 4th option, which is to be patient, wait until they get 20 and then make a comeback fight at 20 vs 20. It doesn't matter as much at this point if it's 20 vs 21, 20 vs 22 or 20 vs 23.

Don't give them that option, play smart, and evolve your gameplay!

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